This Netizen Didn't Knew Who Owns this Lambo and Easily Judged the Owner

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease, netizens were giving their rants on social media. Giving different opinions and knowledge about what is happening right now. But this story is different, hours ago a post went viral on Social Media. The post was about another post of certain someone about seeing a Lamborghini in the middle of Commonwealth Avenue.

Yeb Seño (the one who posted the Lamborghini) giving rants about the hundred-dollar sportscar on his Facebook account. He said that the sports car was driven like it owned the road. He also emphasized that the sports car doesn't have a plate number. Maybe his rant is about "instead of showcasing your sports car, Help the ones in need."

After posting his rant on social media a guy named Leo Flores commented on the photo claiming that the sports car was his father's car.  He even said that if there is any problem with the car Yeb Seño should call him anytime. Leo Flores left his telephone number on his comment. He also said that the Leo Flores account is just a dummy account.

If you searched the telephone number given by Leo Flores. It was the Telephone number of Ayala Corp. The Ayala Corp. who actually helped a lot of people by donations.

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