The P4,000 Fund will Going to be Divided into Three Families

In the recently signed Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, President Rodrigo Duterte promised to give 18 million households a monthly “emergency subsidy” of at least P5,000 per household for two months. But the government is still preparing the database that will be used to target these households. It’s not just workers and the poor who need help, but also businesses whose cash flows – and very survival – are in jeopardy. But the Department of Finance (DOF) said aid for firms will “take [a] back seat.”

A video that is posted on Facebook by Minda Obeidat went viral because of an LGU discussing the Five Thousand to Eight Thousand fund that is given by the government. In the video a lady wearing a pink shirt talking about the fund that is given by the Government.

She said that the Four Thousand Peso is going to be divided into three families. The form that should be distributed individually will be going to be distributed in a ratio of 1 is to 4. One form for the four families.  The shocking part is the citizens agreed to that kind of sharing of funds. The citizens must be confused about what is going on. Maybe they didn't know that they are going to be fooled. The video now consists of 262K views, 3.3k reacts, 4.6k comments and 14k shared the post.

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