Pinay Scammed Her Husband Almost 2 Million Pesos After Getting Caught with a Lesbian

In today's Era, A lot of Filipino citizens rely on idol Raffy Tulfo whenever they get into trouble or they have some complaint against another party. Ever since the program of Raffy Tulfo (Wanted sa Radyo) goes way ahead of most of the TV and Radio station programs, they get different kinds of cases including the weirdest up to the most sensitive stories they could imagine. Aside from this, the program even gets asked for help from some of the foreigners that are being scammed by our fellow countrymen. But it's not always the complainants who win, Raffy Tulfo deeply examines every case to avoid misjudging any parties.

In this case, Brian Hughes (American) is married to a Filipina Lesbian who is cheating on him. The Filipina Lesbian named Ginalyn is having an affair with an LGU in Tarlac. Brian came to Raffy Tulfo In Action to file a complaint about the said affair. Brian said that his wife Ginalyn is asking him for P100,000 just to come with him in Manila. Raffy Tulfo, Brian Hughes and Shiela Tan (LGU) are having a conversation about where is Ginalyn.

Part 1 of the video:

Brian Hughes said that he doesn't care about the money at all. All he wanted is that her wife comes back to him and build a family together. But Ginalyn doesn't want to and in the end, they are both going to file a divorce.

Part 2 of  the video:

Brian is truly such a good guy. Even though they both going to file a Divorce, Brian will be going to keep sustaining the medical needs of the family of her wife.

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