Netizens went Crazy Over what Greenhills Mall Did Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Green Hills, a shopping mall that gives assurance for their customers, that they are properly doing sanitation all over the area inside and outside the mall. Knowing that in a situation that the country is facing nowadays, it is difficult and too risky for us to go out. 

Being in public places where there's a lot of people are out there, every establishment must maintain sanitizing the place. In this case, the Green Hills Malls are doing great. Recently, Green Hills started a fundraising drive to support its mission that helps the frontliners and the ones in need. Lots of netizens were felt amazed about what the said Mall, did. That's why netizens are now giving praise and support to Greenhills Mall because they've done everything that must be done. 

This is an advantage for Green Hills Mall among other Malls around the Philippines because they showed that prioritizing the customers and its personnel is a must. We should respect not just only the nurses and doctors, we should also respect each and every person that is fighting the pandemic disease.

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