Netizens Confused of How Lovi Poe Became the Alleged Girlfriend of Money Heist Star Arturito

Money Heist is a Spanish television heist crime drama series that many Filipino fans got addicted to. It's all about a plan to pull off the biggest in recorded history to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain, the group of thieves takes hostages and one of them is a character named 'Arturito'. 

Arturito might be the most annoying character in the series but the actor who plays him is apparently the sweetest. After they aired their season 3 at Netflix the series become the topic all over the world especially here in our country, many netizens even the celebrities loved this series and one of them is an actress Lovi Poe.

Lovi Poe shared with her Instagram story that her Spanish boyfriend Montgomery “Monty” Blencowe send a video, where Enrique the real name of Arturito could be heard saying, "This is Enrique Arce, Arturito in 'Money Heist,' 'La Casa de Papel.' That character that you love so much. You know why I know that? Monty told me. He said that he loved binge-watching the show with you." The actor even sent Lovi a big flying kiss in the end!

The Instagram Story of Lovi Poe was posted by Philippine Star and captioned it "Actress Lovi Poe just got a sweet message from her boyfriend Montgomery “Monty” Blencowe who sent her a message from her “much-loved” Money Heist character Arturito. (Instagram/Lovi Poe)". In such a short period of time, it went viral on Social media.

Netizens were confused about the caption of Philippine Star and they taught that 'Arturito' of Money Heist was Lovi Poe's Boyfriend Monty Blencowe. But Arturito's real name was Enrique Arce.

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