Menggie Cobbarrubias was Discovered Positive of COVID-19 Five days After He Passed Away

The Pandemic Virus or COVID-19 is still don't have medicine. However, there's a lot of people who have survived the so-called virus. Medical experts always give advice that we should take care of ourselves more than we've done. For the reason that the case is getting worse. We should also listen to the protocol provided for us to become safe and for the virus will solve or gone as soon as possible. Social Distancing, Proper sanitation and Taking vitamins to support the Immune system is advised.

The Veteran Actor,  Domingo "Menggie" Cobbarrubias passed away on Thursday morning, March 26, 2020, due to pneumonia. He was 68 years old. It was confirmed by his own son Gino Cobbarrubias. "My father passed away 8:20 am as per my mother, he died due to pneumonia complications. We are still awaiting his test result for COVID-19," he said.

A day before the veteran actor, Domingo "Menggie" Cobbarrubias passed away, he wrote a status post on Facebook "Good Bye". The entertainment industry has not been spared from the threat of COVID-19. Actor Christopher de Leon, who first tested positive last week, has been discharged from the hospital after being confined for COVID-19.

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