Mayor Isko Almost Cried While Giving His Opinion About The Crisis

Day after day, numbers of an infected person are continuously increasing. Corona Virus is really hitting the Philippines so hard. Until now the country is still under the LockDown Quarantine. It is implemented for a month, but everyone is worried that if the increase of the cases it didn't stop, the days of the quarantine may prolong.

The government is still doing its best to serve people. This crisis gives us a challenge in how we handle it. Last time lots of people are going wild to fight their wants. Many Filipinos do unnecessary move so it creates a huge disturbance. While this epidemic is continuously affecting the country the situation is getting worse.

The majority of the people always complaining about what government officials should do and even the officials are panicky to assist their scope just to give their need. On this day, a lot of people taking advantage of what is happening also others are not following protocols in compliance with the order of the ruling.

Recently, Mayor Isko of Manila gives his message for his co- government officials due to what should act or do, in today's happening.

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