Little Yorme, Aaron Sunga Distributed Relief Goods in his Area

Little “Yorme,” Aaron Sunga had since appeared as a regular fixture on Its Showtime's “Mini Miss U” segment and competition, wherein the further exudes that emphatic and endearing presence, with witty yet frank utterances that keeps the madlang people entertained. We first encountered the outspoken six-year-old in a viral YouTube video, detailing what he said was his political “platform” should he be elected as town mayor of Bagac, Bataan. Since then, Aaron got the “mileage” he needed in bringing his “political plans” forward.

Little Yorme is now going viral online again because of the Facebook post of Edward Villasan. Edward Villasan posted a picture of Aaron or what we so-called Little Yorme is on the backside of an elf truck with some sacks of relief goods. He is distributing relief goods to his 'constituents' at such a young age he truly shows his elegance as the Little Yorme.

The photos of Yorme is consists of 52l reactions and 91k shares. It was being said that a person's behavior depends on his circle of friends and family. We can truly say that this true base on what little Yorme doing right now. He gets it from his very own manager Vice Ganda. The generosity and being good-hearted of Vice Ganda that's what he gets from being with Vice Ganda.

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