Ligo Sardines VP Mikko Lawrence Tung Clarifies His Statement About the Government

Ligo Philippines Vice President for Operations Mikko Lawrence Tung issued a statement on Facebook saying that Ligo Sardines will directly donate their advertising fund to the hospitals, and different NGOs leading the fight against the pandemic disease (COVID-19). Mr. Tung also urges his friends from the private sector to do the same. He ended his statement with " This is theft right before our eyes." pertaining to the article that he read from

Luminous took that chance to screenshot the posted statement of Mr. Mikko Tung and posts it immediately to their page. Luminous is owned by Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Ahmed Paglinawan. The screenshot photo that they posted was cropped and it was intended because no one will post a cropped photo for no reason.

After Ligo Sardines were bashed by netizens because of the cropped photo of Luminous, Mr. Mikko Tung clarified his statement that the opinions that he posts on his private accounts are based on his personal opinions and it does not reflect the fact that Ligo is still committed to serving the Filipino people during this pandemic crisis.

Without being said, Mr. Tung's clarification was right. We always want our opinion to be heard by others so, why don't we listen to others too? It's just like the Golden Rule principle "one should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated"

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