Kristine Hermosa Stated that there are Two Things that Defines Human

Amid to what happening in the country today. Lots of people are giving their reactions based on the situation we're experienced. The pandemic Virus gives all of us a realization pertaining to what is happening in the real world. Knowing that the Government is doing their side to do an action.

Lockdown Quarantine is implemented due to compliance for the implemented order by President Duterte in preventing the COVID -19. This order gave's stress as well as panicked by all the countrymen. Since going outside is restricted. All employees are not allowed to go to work. The government is the one who manages everything.

Also this Pandemic Virus, base on what's happening it makes us feel and realize what we should and what we can do. Lots of celebrities gave's their opinion particularly in what situation we're facing and how the government and us people handle it. 

Kristine Hermosa a celebrity, gives an opinion as well as a message for everyone. Her post gets viral immediately. Since the context of her message has a huge point.

"Two things define us. Our patience when we have nothing and our attitude when we have everything." -Kristine Hermosa.

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