Kabit-19 Caught by Legal Wife inside their Own Private Car

Amid the pandemic disease (COVID-19) people are getting fearful about what's happening inside and out of the Philippines. Citizens are getting paranoid because the number of positive patients is getting higher day-by-day. As of today, there are 3,660 confirmed cases here in the Philippines. The number of the PUIs and PUMs are still on the four-digit mark.

But a post from Facebook went viral and now consists of 13k reacts, 4.5k comments and, 10k shares. It became viral because of the new "virus" called CAVIT-19. A random man noticed that there is a car parked in a gasoline station and a woman who is knocking the door. The woman was the legal wife of the driver/owner of the parked car. The owner of the car was inside with her other woman.

The Legal Wife was at her rage while opening the door of the car. She was slapping the other woman and twisting the hair of the other woman. It was like the scene in a movie which is Four Sister In a Wedding when Mocha Uson was dragged by Angel Locsin outside the studio. The video has 1million views and gaining more.

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