Indian Officer Wears ‘Coronavirus Helmet’ To Scare People From Coming Out

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease (COVID-19), all of our Armed Forces are busy to guard all the borderline of each and every city in the Philippines. Risking their lives for the sake of their fellow countrymen. Doing the best that they could for us to have a safe and peaceful daily living.

But this Indian police is literally whipping some sense into people who defy the Movement Control Order (MCO) in their country. Indian authorities ensure the citizens to obey the lockdown. An Officer was spotted on the streets of Chennai wearing a coronavirus helmet while performing his duties. It was reported that Rajesh Baby wears the helmet covered in red spikes with bulbs on the top, just like the microscopic image of the coronavirus.

"People are not hygienic enough. We have government orders not to come out -- but still, we're seeing people roaming here and there without proper safety equipment, without masks," he quoted. He also said that he decided to create something during the 21-day lockdown at home because they can't "see" the virus. Dressed as the coronavirus, he would say to errant citizens: "If you come out, I will come in."

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