He did it in Front of His Son To Show How He Loves his Wife

Love is a set of complex emotions and a strong feeling of affection to someone. If you love a person you will do everything to make her happy. Others said it makes you crazy, stupid and love endlessly. Thinking that forever exists. It feels like you are connected to each other. Committed and contented felt like he/ she is the one.

But there's a negative side when you found out that the one you love the most is also the one who hurt and give you pain that no one can do. It feels like the heart is breaking. Recently, a guy posted a video of himself talking about his wife cheating on him. The said the video was Post on Facebook but it was deleted immediately. Netizens were looking for it on Youtube but there are no sources found. Even in Bigo and other video playing sites.

Inside the alleged video was a guy taking a video of himself discussing how he wanted his family to be complete. He doesn't want his child to experience a broken family so he begged his wife to come back to him for there family to become whole again. At the end of the video, the man went close to the tied rope on his door and took his own life. After he hangs himself it was shocking to hear his son scream and wanting to save his father.

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