Cheaters in Defense: "Hindi niyo kami Masisisi Kung Mag-Cheat Kami"

CJ posted a video on her Twitter account and it easily went viral. It is because the video is about her boyfriend is making out with someone else. Her boyfriend was supported by his friends to do this thing. We could hear them cheering and shouting out of joy because their friend scored a girl. CJ was right about saying that her boyfriend and his and is aware of what is happening because if they aren't they could haven't videoed it.

CJ ( The one who posted the video) earned lots of sympathy due to her experience. Netizens were mad at her Boyfriend for doing such a thing. Only a cur would do this on his girlfriend. The most traumatizing about what happened is the guy's circle of friends is tolerating him and they are enjoying what their friend is doing.

While lots of netizens were supporting CJ, and getting mad at her boyfriend. There is a random netizen who defended his boyfriend with this tweet "hindi niyo kame masi sisi kasi minsan meron kaming gusto, na sa iba namin nahahap at nakikita hindi para sa inyo, sana kasi maintindihan niyo yung pag "checheat" namin kasi minsan dun kame masaya sa sandali nayun, oo mali pero minsan dun natin napapag usapan kung anong problems." Some would say that this anonymous is the girl but no. she is not. or maybe she is? What do you think?

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