Awra Briguela's Thread on Twitter is now all over the Internet

Having a lover is such a wonderful feeling, it gives you priceless happiness. But as an LGBTQ you'll find it hard to find your real happiness in life (When you talk about a relationship). Most of them experienced a painful way of love as they received insults rather than loving them.

Recently, Awra Briguela's tweet became the trending topic on Twitter after he posted a thread about his relationship with Raffy "Feng" Dela Cruz. Awra started his thread with a precaution of " Lahat ng Mababasa niyo dito walang kulang, walanag sobra. Lahat to nangyare habang may connection kami ni Raffy "Feng" Dela Cruz.  With Awra's remarks, you will notice that his habit of being a funny and jolly person is gone and you may feel that he had an urge to be serious about everything.

Awra started his first thread in such a simple way as if he is just telling some of his crazy experiences about a guy who is falling for him. But the atmosphere of his story changes after he continued the thread with a screenshot of every DMs and text messages he received from Feng.  As can be seen in the screenshot conversation of Awra and Feng, Feng is asking self-pitying and asking Awra for sympathy. But Awra didn't give what Feng wanted.

Awra Briguela is an example of an LGBTQ+ member that is finding it hard to be in a relationship with someone who'll accept them as what they are. Another part is, maybe Awra is actually too young and too naive to face the difficulties of this world.

Source: Facebook

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