6 Reasons Why Internet Is Obsessed With Ligo Sardines' Advocacy—And The Hot Men Behind It

Ligo Sardines has been around for more than 60 years now, They are the most trending brand on social media today. Sure, recent posts about how *attractive* the brand's owners are have been circulating, but more than that, people are in love with Ligo because of its witty social media posts and humanitarian efforts amid the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some examples:

1. Ligo is promoting social distancing.

In the cutest way possible, of course.

2. On a more serious note: the brand donated its ENTIRE 2020 advertising budget to help those in need.

"We are donating the funds to non-government organizations, charities, and independent groups who are at the forefront of the COVID-19 relief and response efforts." People were so impressed with this act of generosity that some Twitter users even *pledged* to become Ligo Sardines' advertisers, just to thank them.

3. Ligo threw some ~major shade~ with a single post.

Remember when the bill that would reportedly grant the president "emergency powers" was first introduced? This witty poster with the caption "Our products are made with easy-open lids for your convenience," made everyone go crazy over their sardines

4. It partnered with Angkas to help health workers

On March 24, Ligo Sardines announced that they reached out to Angkas for help with delivering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to hospitals and frontliners! "We are currently coordinating with Philippine General Hospital, Lung Center of the Philippines, Premiere Medical Center, and Ospital ng Muntinlupa. We will continue to coordinate with more hospitals that require PPEs in the coming days."

5. Also, let's not forget how the brand hired Kadenang Ginto star Beauty Gonzales as the "Queen Of Sardines."

BONUS: Humanitarian efforts aside, Ligo's owners are quite a catch too. Meet Mikko, Mark, and Macky Tung.

Of course, we'd like to acknowledge the men behind Ligo Sardines! The brothers expanded their brand in less than 10 years and opened a manufacturing facility in Zamboanga, the sardine capital of the Philippines. This new addition "increased production five times over what they used to produce in Manila," according to F&B Report.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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