Who is this Celebrity Living in the Same Roof with Angelica Panganiban During Community Quarantine?

A few days ago the government implemented Quarantine for all places in Luzon. It is for the safety of all personnel. Also, a way to stop the transmission of the Corona Virus. They suggested doing a Home Quarantine for a better way of securing the health of everyone. They Limit the action of all persons by doing the policy of Only one family member should go outside.

Now it is been 6th days after the Luzon lockdown. It seemed that everyone is still uncomfortable with what happened. On the other hand, others are doing something for not being bored for a day.

Recently, Angelica Panganiban shares what she's doing on the 5th day of quarantine. The fun video was about Angelica wanna cook a tilapia with a beautiful dress. But there was an unknown voice of a man also the one who takes the video of her. The Big question is Who is the man with Angelica?

The Man is Ketchup Eusebio. He is jokingly asking Angelica where is she going. Angelica responded "Magluluto ng Tilapia". In the second video, you can see that Ketchup Eusebio is holding the fish and keep on making jokes with Angelica. This leads to another question. Why Angelica Panganiban living in the same roof with Ketchup Eusebio during Community Quarantine?

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