Who is Sam Morales? The Multi-Media Artist Who Allegedly Deceived a Transwoman

Sam Morales is a multi-media artist who worked from different companies. Sam Morales had such big confidence in doing this. Due to Tzan Jero's revealing thread, it impacts all the people in social media and gets mad at Sam Morales' because of her wrongdoings. Recently, Tzan Jero posted a long thread on her twitter account pertaining to someone who catfished her.

Tzan Jero was a transwoman who had allegedly been fooled by Sam Morales. Her tweeter thread consists of how Sam Morales played with her mind and how Sam Morales used another to feed her mischief.

It was also alleged that Tzan isn't the only one that had been fooled by Sam Morales. Many persons on Twitter are coming out of nowhere claiming that they are also fooled by Sam Morales. Ish said that she was also been fooled by Sam Morales and had a relationship with the same guy for three years. She even tattooed their anniversary on her.

Even a famous Photographer BJ Pascual noticed the story and retweeted it with a caption of "Holy Sh*t this is insane! A long read but OMG! Waiting for other parties involved to give their side but for now, all I can say is Jzan, no one deserves to be treated like this! Also, this is some Netflix true-crime level Sh*t".

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