Who is Francis Leo Marcos of Marcos Group of Companies?

Francis Leo Marcos instantly became viral on the internet after the donation of the 1-sack of rice to 100 families in Payatas. According to reports, he has reserved 380 bags of rice to be given to the other barangays. He came into the support of families who are affected by the coronavirus. His videos of the “Mayaman Challenged” is now viral which making many of his friends to donate for the families. The peoples are commenting and appreciating him for his generosity.

According to the few reports, he runs a company whose name is Marco Group of Companies. The company works in different parts of the world. But the headquarter is located in the Philippines. People are excited to have knowledge of Francis Leo Marcos's family. The business guy is married. His wife's name is still secretive. Francis Leo Marcos's mother and father's names are not confirmed. He is now an inspiration model for the others in the Philippines. He has reserved 380 bags of rice to be given to the other barangays.

Francis Leo Marcos is a businessman personality in the Philippines. As per reports, he is the owner and CEO of the Marcos Group of Companies. The man qualified for his graduation in business degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, the USA in 1997. His local schooling is from Massachusetts. It short, he went to the USA for higher studies and returned back to start his own business in the Philippines. His company headquarters is located in Manila, Philippines. “Helping our fellow down-trodden countrymen is a formidable challenge, but if someone will not take the lead, then let me take it, as a leader among our peers, to be the first among equals and the best among its best.“ -Francis Leo A. Marcos.

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