What Would Happen If You Got Infected by Coronavirus

Corona Virus is considered a ' Pandemic' since there's a lot of places around the world that are infected and suffered spreading of the virus. A lot of people are panicked about the said virus. According to Medical Experts, Corona Virus is immediately transmitted through person to person by the droplets of the infected one.  Proper Sanitation and social distancing is a must.

Corona Virus-infected thousands and could easily affect millions of people around the world.  The big question s what will happen to a person who is infected by this virus. Some researchers said that the virus living in the surfaces, and f you touched the contaminated surface then you touch your mouth, you will be infected. 

Once you are infected, it id not easily be noticed cause it takes two or more days to see the symptoms. It simply means that for a meanwhile you will live normally without knowing that you may infect others around you.

An infected person will feel increases in body temperature because it starting to fight the virus, which means you will experience fever and shivering as well as sweating. This kind of symptom may last a couple of days, and you should stay at home. Your body cells will do everything just to cope and fight the virus.

The person who is infected might feel good after the symptoms come, it doesn't mean that you are fine instead in this stage the pneumonia is setting in. If pneumonia settled, you may feel difficult to breathe and having mucus in your lungs and nostrils and lead you to cough and sneeze from time to time. Shortage of your breathe and pain within is getting worse as time passed by. Chance to experience vomiting and feel tired and weak.

If you could experience the symptoms you must go to the hospital to be check and test. And if you are positive the hospital will quarantine you for treating the virus.

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