What Would Happen if You Got Caught by AFP During Community Quarantine Operations

President Rodrigo Duterte announced about community quarantined that will be implemented today, March 15, 2020. Knowing that cases of Corona Virus will continuously increase. The advice that we should do a Social Distancing for us to keep safe.

In line with that, there's an exception in the said quarantine. Those persons travel because of health reasons. Authorize personnel, Medical Experts and all persons that give permission by these provisions. But before they cross the borders they will check to know if they are infected or not.

They will only be allowed to leave if: There is a corresponding certification for competent health authority such as Department of Health (DOH), Provincial / City / Municipal Health Office, The health authority has an endorsement of the outgoing a person at the LGU of his destination.

"Those working in the executive branch can continue their work through alternative methods such as work from home, compressed work weeks, staggered working hours and developing a skeletal workforce. It is also encouraged to implement it in the legislative and judiciary branches of the government."

For the transportation the Flights to travel destinations due to COVID-19 such as China and its territories Hong Kong and Macau, and the South Korean province of North Gyeongsang Province, will remain prohibited. However, the DOH may grant an exemption if humanitarian reasons go to the countries mentioned. 

When it comes to the time when the quarantine will stop it will depend on the situation, the quarantined community may be further strengthened.

Under the "enhanced quarantine community," home quarantine will be implemented to all residents and all types of travel will be suspended and people will be served food only. In fact, there have been 64 cases of COVID-19 in the The Philippines, of which 6 have died.

The country's COVID-19 alert level has also been raised to Code Red, Sub-level 2, the highest level. The spread of the virus originating in Wuhan City of Hubei in China is considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization because of its worldwide spread.

If AFP (Arm Forces of the Philippines) caught someone who did not follow the rules, they will interrogate the person and do some investigations.

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