Vice Ganda Tagged A Wrong "Erwan" in his Congratulatory Tweet for Anne

Vice Ganda did a mistake in tagging Erwan Heusaff in his twitter post the day that Anne Curtis gave birth to her first baby. Since nowadays, when it comes to social media tagging a person in a post is one of the easy ways to approach, giving a message and Greet publicly.

Vice tags Erwan in his tweet a few days ago. Unfortunately, he tags a wrong person name Erwan Loisant. The tweet goes viral and it's funny to know that Erwan Loisant responds in good terms. 

 "Congratulations @annecurtissmith and @erwan!!!! Can't wait to see your beautiful baby girl! God bless your whole family."- Vice Ganda says. Vice wants to tag his friend and Husband of Anne, Erwan Heusaff.

Erwan Loisant tweeted back immediately to vice saying "Message to the 50 followers from Philippines that I got today: you're free to stay, but the person you want to follow might be @erwanheussaf."

if you didn't know Erwan Loisant is, He is the man who puts a biography on twitter saying that he is "the real Erwan, not the Philippines celebrity."

Still cheers for Erwan Huesaff and Anne Curtis! 

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