Two Grocery Workers' Conversation Melted the Hearts of Netizens

The pandemic coronavirus is getting stronger. It increases every day, passed. A lot of people are afraid because of what happening today. In different places in the country, there's having more than 2 cases. Community quarantine is applied.

Therefore many people are panicked since their action is limited. Some do not like to go outside. Others are worrying about what would happen if it will continue for a long time. Many people are worried about their health since the virus is everywhere and stays at surfaces.

Community quarantine is implemented a few days ago. After that day many people do a panicked buying, all the stuff especially food is accommodated by each person. They get many as they can without thinking others. 

There's a viral post on social media, two-person are talking about the food that they may buy after their work hours. Knowing that the country is experiencing a shortage. 

Mica Capati posted in social media about the conversation of cashier and bagger that she heard she wrote

cashier: pag out kaya natin may mga delata pa at lucky me?
bagger: sana meron pa yun lang kaya natin bilhan tas mauubos pa.
(nakangiti parin sila habang sinasabi to pero kitang kita yung pagaalala sa kanila)

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