Transwoman Fell in Love with a Model But Ended Up Being Deceived by a Person Named Sam Morales

Love is a set of complex emotions and a strong feeling of affection to someone. If you love a person you will do everything to make her happy. Others said it makes you crazy, stupid and love endlessly. Thinking that forever exists. It feels like you are connected to each other. Committed and contented felt like he/ she is the one. But there's a negative side when you found out that the one you love the most is also the one who hurt and give you pain that no one can do. It feels like the heart is breaking.

Recently, Tzan Jero posted a long thread on her twitter account pertaining to someone who catfished her. Tzan Jero was a transwoman who had allegedly been fooled by Sam Morales. Her tweeter thread consists of how Sam Morales played with her mind and how Sam Morales used another to feed her mischief.

In this first part of the story, it is actually looked like a story of a normal catfishing. Finding a date on Tinder and letting yourself flinging on some other persons. But something in the story will catch your attention and you could see yourself on continuing reading the thread.

Tzan Jero said that finding a date on Tinder is just for lust and enjoyment. Until someone caught her attention, a guy named Bill Iver Reyes. That's when they started having a conversation and knowing each other. After the end of the day, they got close to each other and get lighthearted with each other.

Few days of getting close to each other. Bill promised Tzan he is going to Cebu to meet her. After Tzan getting ready Bill already blocked him on social media sites where they started meeting each other. Tzan was so devastated because she thought that Bill was just a poster. Until Bill sends her a video with himself. Tzan brightens because she was wrong and finally a guy is accepting him completely on who she was.

They became closer as days past. They are talking day and night about their lives. Until the day that they are in a relationship with each other. Bill helped Tzan to become the better she and Tzan were thankful for meeting him.

Being in an LDR relationship was hard and even Tzan and Bill confirmed it. Tzan has no idea that her relationship with Bill going to be a life disaster for her.

Sam Morales is a multi-media artist who worked from different companies. Sam Morales had such big confidence in doing this. Due to Tzan Jero's revealing thread, it impacts all the people in social media and gets mad at Sam Morales' because of her wrongdoings.

Trying to find someone to rub in your cheater's face won't do anything except show how childish you're treating the situation, as well as damaging your ability to let go. It's important to surround yourself with friends who will nurse you back into dating health instead of trying to find a rebound who will make you feel even more empty than you were before. It's like fighting fire with fire, and you will always lose the battle. The most depressing part of this all? There is almost no chance that the person who catfished you will even care. At all. So let yourself heal before you create new wounds.

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