Touching Message of a Young Lady to her Ex-Boyfriend

Love is a set of complex emotions and a strong feeling of affection to someone. If you love a person you will do everything to make her happy. Others said it makes you crazy, stupid and love endlessly. Thinking that forever exists. It feels like you are connected to each other. Committed and contented felt like he/ she is the one. But there's a negative side when you found out that the one you love the most is also the one who hurt and give you pain that no one can do.

A post of Valerie Ais Andal went viral on Social Media that garnered 32k reactions and 48k shares. She shared their story of her ex-boyfriend and how she handled the situation was really amazing. She showed how women can be matured in handling this kind of situation.

Valerie Ais Andal and her boyfriend (Ex- Boyfriend to be exact) were seven years and living their life to the fullest. Some say seven years of relationship is rad to forever but this forever does not apply to them. Valerie and her boyfriend broke up because the guy chooses another girl than Valerie. To simplify, Valerie's boyfriend cheated on her.

Due to anger and uncontrollable feelings, Valerie screenshotted the story of her boyfriend and posted it online. The content of the screenshot was the photo of her ex-boyfriend's new girl. This is where her matureness occurs she immediately deleted that photo and she publicly apologized to what she has done.

"This is in relevance to what I have posted last night. I wanna cut it short. First, thank you to those people who showed and showered their overwhelming support & love. I appreciate your kind words. And the main reason for this post is that I want to make a public apology since I posted his new girl’s photo without permission. The photo was a screenshot from my ex’s “Facebook my day”..." - Captioned by Valerie Ais Andal.

She even shared a screenshot of her last messages for her ex-boyfriend.

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