They were Doing it at the Window, And then Suspense Happened

Love is a set of complex emotions and a strong feeling of affection to someone. If you love a person you will do everything to make her happy. Others said it makes you crazy, stupid and love endlessly. Thinking that forever exists. It feels like you are connected to each other. Committed and contented felt like he/ she is the one.

But there's a negative side when you found out that the one you love the most is also the one who hurt and give you pain that no one can do. It feels like the heart is breaking. Recently there's a post in social about a girl having intercourse with someone
A video was posted on Dirty Mind, a Facebook Page that went viral. It earned 51,000 Reacts and 3,500 comments. 

The video was captured by an anonymous and send it to the page. Inside the video, a girl is having intercourse with someone near the window of their apartment. In the middle of their fun sexual desire, someone caught it and captured a video of them.  In the middle part of the video, the guy that is having intercourse with the girl jumps off the apartment and escaped.

This shows that the girl is cheating on her boyfriend and the guy who jumps off the building is the one who is used by the girl to get revenge on her boyfriend. We all know that girls do these things to get revenge on their jerk boyfriend.

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