These Bumbays Gave Relief Goods to the Filipino People

"Sige ka, kukunin ka ng Bumbay!" Many Filipino children have heard this threat from their parents or guardians at one point in their lives, especially during times when they don't want to sleep in the afternoon or stop playing on the streets. Clueless children, who most likely do not really understand what or who a "Bumbay" is, would just follow their parents or guardians out of fear.

 In the Philippines, the term "Bumbay" is often used to call people of Indian origin. They are also often associated with Indian money lenders or those who engage in "5-6". Some Filipino's are indebted to them, and some are hiding from them because they don't have money to pay them.

A post from Naga City TV, a Facebook page earned a lot of reactions, comments, and shares. It is because of the content of their post. Inside their post is a group of Bombaii that is giving a lot of relief goods to the Filipinos to help them. Naga City TV captioned "SI BUMBAY( Heart Emoji) Naks naman! Pasikatin natin itong grupo ng mga bumbay na 'to.. sa halip na maningil ng mga pautang ay namigay muna sila ng mga relief goods sa mga costumer at ibang kababayan natin na kinakapos dahil sa Lockdown, pinairal muna nila ang pagiging makatao bago negosyo dahil sa krisis na pinagdadaanan natin sa COVID-19. Good job mga sir! saludo po kami sa inyo! salamat sa pagmamalasakit sa mga pinoy. God bless you!"

Even some of us Filipinos are indebted to these people they are open-hearted to help us in times of need. We need to be grateful to them and always remember that in the first place we borrowed money to them to start our business and they didn't hesitate to lend us some. So we should not hesitate to pay our debt to them.

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