The Guy That Got Embarrassed on Social Media Explains Himself.

You can see different people by riding public transportation. Different personalities, Different behavior. You can also see some mad drivers that got stuck on traffic. You can also see some sleeping netizens that got tired of their work. 

In that case, a netizen naming Sam Francisco Datu posted a Guy (Denmark Maranan) that sleeping inside the bus. The post of Sam got bashed because she said that nowadays there is no gentleman. The post went viral because of the guy (Denmark Maranan) explains himself to the public. Denmark's post opens the eyes of many netizens.

Many Netizens praise Denmark Maranan because he naturally explains why she couldn't give his seat to Sam Francisco Datu. On the other hand, netizens get mad at Sam Francisco Datu for being GGSS or what we call Gandang Ganda sa sarili.

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