SJDM's Statement About the Viral Video of A Grandma Crying is Critized by Netizens

Antonio Donato posted on the social media page named Lockdown Diaries. He shares the situation of an old woman who is crying because she doesn't have a stab for a relief good that comes from their Municipal government. Base on the video the old woman does not have family members who are working. It is hard for them to seek their primary needs especially now that the country is under lockdown.

His post went viral immediately as people sought help for the needs of the poor old lady. In lieu of that, SJDM (San Jose Del Monte) Public Information Office released a statement saying that the old woman is mentally sick. They relied on the statement of the neighborhood near where the old lady lives. SJDM also accused that the video was scripted because the man who caught the video was a relative of the poor old lady.

Antonio Donato, the man who posted the video fights back with another statement. Even he didn't read the statement of San Jose Del Monte Public Information Office the gossips are powerful in every neighborhood. 

He admitted that the old lady was his nephew in her cousin but he also said that the video was not scripted at all. He also said that the words that he used on the caption of the said video were not purposed to be a bashing type of caption and used very careful words for him not to be not hostile.

Maybe this would start an argument between Antonio Donato and SJDM Public Information Office, but many netizens get pity for the old lady's situation and give tons of donations to help her with her daily life.

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