Showtime Hosts Had Fun Even Without Their Audience

Since NCOV-19 is spreading here in the Philippines, many establishments are to limit their interaction with crowded people. The virus was being transmitted through person to person especially the droplets coming from the saliva of an infected humans.

Together with the memorandum proposed by the Government about  Social Distancing, one of the television network ABS-CBN, does a live segment but temporarily didn't allowed the live audience to secure the safeness of each other.

Showtime is a noontime show on Channel 2 and runs for a decade. For the very first time, they do a no 'LIVE AUDIENCE" to measure safety against coronavirus. Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario run thru the audience gallery and as can see they don't have any audience except the players of Feeling Lucky. Vhong Jokingly said " Mag Hi ka sa Walang People".

Watch the Video Below :

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