Scientists Went to China and Confirmed that These are the Cause of Coronavirus [Covid-19]

Professor of Epidemiology NYU School of Global Public Health, Elodie Ghedin confirmed that the CoronaVirus Disease or COVID-19 came from the Bat. They are ninety-percent (90%) sure that this novel disease came from a filthy animal market in Wuhan, China. 

They believed that someone their butchers the Bat came with contact to its blood or urine, and then touched his/her mouth or nose.

In answer to the question where COVID-19 came from is does more than just to give you something to blame but it is also to help the scientist to address this illness that can transfer from animals to humans. Elodie Ghedin also said that they studied the bat's genome and that is what they found on the COVID-19. 

She also said that the SARS illness in 2003 is almost the same as the COVID-19. She said that it is like working with a family tree that's why it is easy for them to compare it to the illness that is happened before.

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