Raffy Tulfo Takes Action to The GreenHills Hostage Incident

Raffy Tulfo challenged the security's agency accordance in with what happens in Greenhills these past few days. Most of us know it because it goes rapidly on social media.

Raffy Tulfo give his statement in the said incident "Magsilbing "wake-up call'  ito sa kinauukulan lalo na sa mga security agencies na sinasabing may mga di Magandang nagagawa sa mga Kaawa-Awang mga security guards"

He also added that this happening can repeat if those agencies do not do an action. There's a total of 30 employees who's been a part of the hostage inside the building of a Mall in Greenhills, Specifically Virra Mall

March 4, 2020, when Mr. Raffy Tulfo gives his opinion in the said accident through the help of his segment.

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