Proud Janitor Shows How He Helps the Country Fight Covid-19

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease (COVID-19), many health workers are being deployed around the country. Day by day there are increasing numbers of positive patients and all the health workers do their best that they can to find the cure to this pandemic. As of 4 pm on March 17, 2020, in the Philippines, 44 patients have coronavirus COVID-19 from Quezon city, 35 patients from San Juan city, 28 patients from Makati city and 22 patients from Pasig city, respectively. The majority of the coronavirus COVID-19 patients reside within the National Capital Region of the Philippines.

A post of Carl Vien Ogatis Tibang went viral after he posted his photo helping all the health workers in the hospital where he works. Tibang is not a Doctor nor a Nurse. Tibang is a Janitor from that hospital and he is proud of being one of the Frontliners. Tibang earned lots of compliments from the Netizens.

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