Proud Filipino Teaches Other Countries How to Use "Tabo" to save Money without Using Toilet Papers!

Amid the scare of COVID-19 people around the world went panic buying for their own safety without thinking about the other people around them. Western Countries are now in a big problem due to the hoarders of toilet paper around their area. We all know that Western Countries trained themselves on whipping their bums using toilet paper rather than washing it.

In that case, a post of Stephanie Servillon went viral on Facebook. As she posts a video of a solution for the Western People on how to wash their bums using "tabo" Tabo is well-known in the Philippines. It is the number one cleaning material of every Filipinos.

There are different use of tabo in the Philippines. It can be used while you are taking a bath, flushing the toilet, and such. It is actually a great comparison to a bucket but a small one.

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