Price of Bananas Goes Up after a Viral Video Shows It Can Fight COVID-19

Netizens were spotted panic buying bananas in a local market in Davao City after a viral video shows that it can fight coronavirus (COVID-19).  Davao Construction, a page from Facebook shows people rushing to buy bananas at a Local Market.

According to Davao Construction, people rushed to buy as many bananas as they could after they watched a video that bananas are the cure to the COVID-19. Due to the heaving buyers, the price of bananas has allegedly increased in the market. The page stated, “The effect of Fake News: A video circulated online saying that banana is the cure to NCov19. Now, it is being sold at a higher rate and people are dying in getting one. Friends, please fact check everything you see online. Don’t be dumb.”

The photos have earned bombardment of comments from netizens who parley whether or not bananas really have an effect on the Pandemic Disease.A netizen wrote, “Reading comprehension problem again! FYI, it’s not mentioned in the video nga cure, it said it can improve immune system. We cannot deny the fact na it is an Immune System booster if you eat it daily. Prevention is better than cure yung message ng video.'”

A resident complained how the price of bananas has increased. She wrote, “It helps to boost our im.”mune system. Mao diay ni mahal, 90 a kilo. And please, social distancing.” [Kaya pala nagmahal at P90 per kilo.]

Another lamented, “Lakatan higher price pa more from P35 per kilo to P70 per kilo! Grabe, saging na naman ang magkakaubusan nito

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