Poor Grandma Cried in Tears After they Refused to Give Her Relief Goods

Coronavirus is considered pandemic since it affects many countries all over the world and has thousands of infected people. Medical experts are the persons who are placed in the front liners together with other hospital employees, guards, Army's and Police to fight and protect other people against the Virus. They always advise doing proper sanitation for us to take care of ourselves.

The virus was started in China last year and spread all over the world within a short period. Specifically, at Wuhan, China that has a million population. Since the virus was given an outbreak they didn't control the epidemic as soon as possible. All of their Medical Facilities were shocked, but afterward, about 10 million of their population was under the lockdown quarantine.

Weeks ago, when the majority of counties implemented a Lockdown Quarantine. All people are suggested to stay at home to help in preventing the virus. Since it can transmit immediately to another person for just a second through the droplets of infected one. Doctors are prescribing to take vitamins to enhance our immune system and not to infect easily.

The Philippines that has an 800+ infected was also under in lockdown quarantine. The government begging its citizens to cooperate for the reason that the country lacks a Medical Assistance. Also, it is advised that no one should go outside of their house for the sake of their health. Government and Company employees are requested to stop temporarily their works. The government and other people give help to others to provide their needs. Knowing that the Lockdown will be implemented for a month.

Antonio Donato posted on the social media page named Lockdown Diaries. He shares the situation of an old woman who is crying because she doesn't have a stab for a relief good that comes from their Municipal government. Base on the video the old woman does not have family members who are working. It is hard for them to seek their primary needs especially now that the country is under lockdown. 

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