"Pink ba ice cream mo Ghorl?" - Husband Caught Cheating in an FB Group

Social Media is one of the tools for communicating with our love ones. Also, it gives entertainment to others by viewing some funny posts. In addition, it is used for spreading information, because nowadays the majority of people are engaged in each of their social media accounts.

In this case, there's a viral post of a girl on a certain group page on Facebook. Many people talked about the said post. It gains a lot of different reactions. The Group Page named Samahan Ng Mga Hiwalay Sa Asawa.  By the given group name there's a lot of thought that will come up in our mind particularly in the content of the posted issue.

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A girl says " Kung Naging Ice Cream Ba Ko Didilaan Mo Ko?'. In that scenario, lots of people become attentive to the post of a girl. One of them commented " Pink ba Ice Cream Mo Girl?"

The guy doesn't know that her Wife/ Girlfriend is also in the group. Accidentally her wife/ girlfriend saw his comment and immediately replied " ... wag Kang uuwi ng Bahay..."

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