One of the Must Try Provinces In The Philippines!

Summer is coming its time to take a break and enjoy. Treat yourself, take it as a reward of being a productive person. Relaxing makes yourself feel better. Give yourself a pamper to escape all stress for a while. It is good to have a "ME TIME" for you to be able to know yourself more, explore and live free.

There are many places here in the Philippines that you may accommodate to spend quality time as well as enjoying it without thinking problems. Spend time with your family and friends for you to not lose communication or connection.

Masbate in the Bicol region has many beaches that you can spend a vacation.  Here are some pictures of random beaches in Masbate Province.

Aroroy Masbate , Burubancaso Masbate, Buntod Masbate, Tinalisayan Masbate:

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