Newlyweds Left Dumbfounded After Their Guests Went Home After Eating

Marriage is a legal contract between two people who's deeply in love with each other and wants to be together forever. It is the most awaited event in the life of both lovers. Giving a blessing to live in one roof and to formally announced as husband and wife. Being married to someone you love the most gives you a heartfelt feeling. This event is the one we should prepare because it is when two people decide to be in one. 

After the wedding, there would be a wedding reception. This would be the most awaited part of the event, not because this is the time when all the invited guests will enjoy a delicious banquet that is prepared by the newlyweds, but because this is where guests will get a glimpse of the couple's life

The wedding reception is the most prepared segment of the event. This is where the couple spends most of their money. The wedding reception is also the most enjoyable part of both couples and their guests. There are lots of fun activities that are being held like the bouquet tossing for the women, and the garter tossing for the men. 

Dismally, there are times that the guests are not interested in that kind of stuff. Instead, They would leave the reception after eating without thinking what the newlyweds would feel. 

Recently, photographer James Balmeo shared photos taken from two different weddings. It was obvious in both these weddings that the newlyweds had spent a lot of money on the reception, with the high-class venues filled with beautiful decorations. We’re quite sure there was also lots of great food.

They even hired a wedding host or emcee for the event. Sadly, the photos showed that though the party isn’t over yet, there were only a handful of guests. And it might even be possible that the ones left sitting there were the hotel staff and waiters from the caterer.

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