Newest Tattoo of Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre is a Filipino actress, singer and music video director. A 26 years years old who pursuing her ambition and passion. Nadine became a model of H&M Swimsuits' complete collection. She became an ambassador of Mobile Legends LIGA2.

Nadine Lustre, still recovering from the break up with her long term relationship with James Reid. Several weeks after the confirmation of break up's, Nadine got a new arm tattoo. Nadine is a tough girl and never afraid to explore things by herself.

The video was uploaded on social media. It gets viral in a short period. Nadine shows in video drinking some beverages while having a tattoo. She seemed as content and at peace.

Her tattoo was a Japanese letter and same characters featured on her Instagram account --小宮希美. Google translation for that word was Nozomi Komiya.

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