Netizens Sought Help For A Foreigner Who Lived In "Barong-barong"

A foreigner who's living at the "Barong Barong" house he made here in the Philippines gets viral in social media. All of us didn't the story behind. Some are giving their own speculation for what happened. Others show their pity that they feel for the situation of the old man.

Since its getting viral in social media, some are thinking that the old man had a bad experience. Knowing that every Foreigner goes to the Philippines for a different reason. The majority of them go to the country to explore beautiful places, while others are for the love they found. 

There's a humored story that maybe the old man went into the country because of Love he thinks he found. Unfortunately, it's not and he was used by the golden digger. Get all his wealth and leave instantly. 

In a post shared by Solyn Calderon, you will see how an old man suffered in his little house. He just put some stuffed inside for him to feel better.  Calderon said that the picture of the foreigner is not her own photo captured but she just saw it in a random post and she reposted it. After she reposts it, it gains a lot of reactions and comments.

Someone said “Baka pinerahan na nmn ng pinay at tinangay lahat ng pag mamay ari at iniwan,”

Even the nationality of the old foreigner is unknown lots of netizen show are pitied for his situation.

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