Netizens Reacts On Overpriced Alcohol That is For Sale In Facebook

Corona Virus is hitting the Philippines, others are taking advantage of it. The virus will die through proper sanitation. It is advisable to wash hands in running water also using Isopropyl  Alcohol was demanded nowadays because it can defeat the virus. 

Remar Pableo posted about the overpricing of the product. The seller posted on a page named Marikina Buy and Sell which created for online selling. Since the product was demand-able, the price was overflow. Knowing that it is needed by everyone the seller takes advantage to gain income and for her product to be sold at a high cost so it benefits her so much.

Isopropyl  Alcohol price is around 50-100 plus for the big size bottle. But since the seller overpriced it costs you for 750 per bottle a many times increase from its original. The post gains different reactions from people who see it.

Analyzing what happened makes you feel sad, for the reason that some of us use the situation for business or to earn more money without thinking that we should be the ones to help each other.  

Here is the conversation between Remar and the seller.

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