Netizens on Metro Manila Worried After False Lockdown Notice Published by ABS-CBN

A post of ABS-CBN went viral as they post a Total Lock Down of Metro Manila. The post said that President Rodrigo R. Duterte announced that Metro Manila is now under lockdown. Netizens got panicked and questioned the decision of the President. They are in the urge of getting themselves for safety and focusing on saving their own lives.

Netizens rushed to their nearest Grocery stores and got panic buying. They buy some easy-open canned goods and other easy to eat products. Amid the COVID-19 they are urged to self-quarantine.

Sadly, ABS-CBN posted another status saying that they are sorry for their Mistake. The said lockdown is a Mistake. They posted an apologetic status and got criticized by netizens. Many netizens went mad because they put themselves to danger by going outside and buying some foods to survive. After getting some negative comments, ABS-CBN deleted both of the posts.

Deleting their post doesn't change the fact that they put the lives of people into danger. Truly, ABS-CBN did a very big mistake.

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