Nadine Lustre Becomes Emotional While Commemorating her Brother

Nadine Lustre already spoke about Ricky Lo's article about James and her Break-up. Ricky Lo confirmed that he gives additional information to his source. Lo put also in the article about the "Mental Illness" of the Actress.

Ricky Lo said, "James is handling the breakup with care to cushion the impact on Nadine who has admitted grappling with mental illness [he (sic) has a brother who committed suicide].". This part of the interview was removed online.

Nadine Lustre speaks back  "When Ricky Lo published that article, which said, 'James is cushioning the breakup because...' or he's like, '[James] is taking things slow because... parang I'm mentally unstable. And he also mentioned my brother in the article, that's when I lost it. I was fine with the breakup article. I didn't care about it. But as soon as he mentioned, like, mental illness and my brother, that's when he, like, crossed the line."

For Nadine, Mental illness is not a joke.

She also explained, "What my brother has gone through, it wasn't a joke. I can't even imagine what was going through his head when that was happening to him. Until now, I still wish na I pushed him a little bit more, so he opened up to me, so I helped him. I could have helped him, I could have done something." "Until now, it's still in my head, but now, I'm more concerned with the people who are actually going through it and who need people to lean on."
Nadine Lustre's brother Isaiah Lustre died last October 7,2017, age 16.

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