Mommy Divine's Bodyguard Received P200,000 in Cash as Settlement!

After a secret civil wedding of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidecilli, Sarah's former bodyguard has been circulating in social media. He accused Matteo of punching him in the throat on the night after their secret wedding.

The issue was brought to the Raffy Tulfo program and it was where the bodyguard narrated the whole incident. Newlyweds Matteo and Sarah failed to talk to the host and face the bodyguard but Viva boss Vic Del Rosario was there as their representative and he was also there when the commotion happened.

Jerry Tamara allegedly demanded a hefty amount of P1.5 million to Del Rosario upon their arrival at the Viva headquarters. According to Tulfo, Tamara was decided on settling the matter even without any money involved as long as Guidicelli would apologize to him in the TV5 compound.

Tamara also revealed that Geronimo’s mother Divine told him not to settle with Guidicelli.

He was countered to be given Php 100,000.00 but refused to accept it. No agreement was reached on February 26, but Tulfo was informed by Viva’s Jay Montelibano two days later that Tamara had already accepted an amount of P200,000 as a settlement.

Source: Facebook

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