Mom of two kids Ended Her Life After Suffering from Postpartum Depression

Depression is now the 2nd cause of death around the world. It is an extreme feeling that makes you overthink.everything. Another case of someone ending their life has been viral on social media these past few days until now. In Davao, a freelance model and a mother of two were passed away because of depression.

 Kylyn Royeras suffered and experience struggle with  Postpartum Depression and premenstrual syndrome. Her family and friends were shocked because of sudden death. 

That heartbreaking case gains so much feedback in social media others say “Kylyn Royeras Why??? Rest in Peace.. paano nlng mga anak mo sis, sure thing your Family and God will guide them. Hope you’ll finally find your happiness in heaven,” posted by one of her friends.

 “Postpartum Depression and pre-menstrual symptoms ain’t easy, which commonly include mood swings this is natural for women, being sometimes irritable, do crying spells, having anxiety & stress.”So please guys, understand us woman no matter what… Especially that woman na kapapanganak pa Lang (woman who recently gave birth). This is the reason why you always have to check your family members. Please have care with your loved ones before it’s too late,”

Maria Ana Bianca Fernandez one of her closest friend also posted in social media saying “Unfair kaayo ka. UNFAIR KAAYO KA! Nagpromise ka sa akoa lutuan pa ko nimo ug carbonara! Nag promise ka sa akoa na mag catch up pa ta. Dba ana ko saimoha pag kailangan ko nimo, naa ra ko dri prmi maminaw saimoha! Grabe. :(( Rest in Peace, Mylabs! I love you. Sobra!!!!”

(You are unfair. You promised carbonara for me! You promised me to catch up with you. I’m here for you when I need you, I’m just here to listen to you! Rest in Peace, My labs! I love you!)

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