Man Threw Relief Goods He Received from LGU Because he Only Got One

The Philippine government is begging its citizens to cooperate for the reason that the country lacks a Medical Assistance. Also, it is advised that no one should go outside of their house for the sake of their health. Government and Company employees are requested to stop temporarily their works. The government and other people give help to others to provide their needs. Knowing that the Lockdown will be implemented for a month.

Luckily, many Filipino citizens are being considerate to the National Government. LGU (Local Government Units) are now taking actions to each barangays in there City. But what would LGU officers feel if one citizen in their barangay that they wanted to help will be going to step on their honor as an officer?

A video was posted on Duterte Today (Facebook Page) that went viral. The video now consists of 3,5k reacts, 2.7 comments, 4k shares, and 4,9M views. The video went viral because of a man pouring all his anger to the LGU's because he only receives one bag of relief goods.

He even throws the bag that was given to him because of anger. The LGU's asked why the man is angry, the man angrily said that " Bakit isa lang! Apat yung bahay ko dun" while pointing where he lives. Surprisingly the LGU's handled the situation calmly and did not get along with the anger of the said citizen.

Watch the Video Below:

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