Loving Father Gave The Only Mask that He could get to His Daughter

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease, COVID-19 many netizens showed their true intentions. Hoarding lots of sanitary equipment such as alcohol, hand sanitizers, hand soap, and facemask. After hoarding such items they would sell it a lot of times expensive than its original price. Many netizens became selfish and only thinks for their own good.

An eye-opening photo of Cee Clark went viral on Facebook.  The photo is posted by Anthony Suriaga Comedia, and captioned with " This picture makes my heart into pieces" "Sila ang Mukha ng ordinaryong Pilipino".

Comedia's caption was true, an ordinary Filipino is battling with everyday life without any weapons to protect them. Even if there is a virus or not they are facing every challenge face-to-face. The photo of Cee Clark is truly an eyeopener.

This photo shows that in every happening inside our country the most pitiful is the one whos below us.

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