Look: All Candidates of Miss International Queen 2020 are Wearing Face Masks

Since NCOV-2019 has been spread n many countries around the world. The fear of all the people is deteriorating. All of know what Corona Virus is, and what would happen if you are infected. There's a lot of awareness imposed by many Health administrators for us to keep safe. One of the safety actions that we should do is wear an N95 mask, and if it's not available the other type of mask-like Surgical Mask is will do.

Recently, there is a post on social media that the group of Beautiful Ladies who are wearing masks in their rehearsal pageant. Pattaya, Thailand is the place where those ladies are located.  People in Thailand amid concerned by the overspread of Corona Virus in different places. Safety First!!.

That event was for the run-up for Miss International 2020. Since the spreading of coronavirus is concerned by everyone they are allowed to wear a mask.  By looking at the picture you can see how they are happy in what they're doing and still can slay by their own beauty.

HEALTH IS WEALTH!! Keep Safe Everyone.

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