Loisa Andalio Joins Online Rambulan and immediately Gains Attention from Netizens

During this pandemic disease (COVID-19) many Filipinos lost track of what day it is. They are finding some things to do to leisure their time. Then they founded their happiness on a group on Facebook that is built because of the Quarantine. The page is named "Online Rambulan". It is where people could challenge each other to start a fight online. The group now consists of 1.2M+ members.

The group is still gaining lots of members day by day. You can tell that many Filipinos are now hooked to this kind of thing because it is considered as their leisure during this enhanced community quarantine. Even some Actresses found their joy inside the group and they are willingly joining the fun inside the Facebook Group. One of the Actresses is Loisa Andalio, she currently went live on the Facebook group and having fun with the boys that are also joining her.

Group members went shocked after they saw Loisa Andalio having a live video on the group. She uses a dummy account with the name of "محفنر جرشگچ". In the middle of there fun bonding with the group members, the video was interrupted. After refreshing the page the video was deleted. This is maybe because of Ronnie Alonte chatting her? or someone in the group jokes her bigtime.

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